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“Sometimes I have difficulty as a coach. And then, suddenly, the biggest challenge as a coach is how can I balance my hectic schedule, meals & work-out sessions while training my students. What can I still do? Now…I want to determine how to motivate myself and empower others! I notice that I feel exhausted after a practice in which I had to motivate other performers more than they were motivated themselves. During a practice, I try to pay attention to every performer’s learning curve. An increasing learning curve should, in my opinion, increase the intrinsic motivation in a person. This kind of motivation is the most valuable because it doesn’t cost you much energy as a coach. To increase intrinsic motivation for people, is what I strive for. My hunch is that the, revolution will be solved through new structures and programs that everyone to periodically rest, reflect, and revitalize themselves. We may even see others with dual habitual personalities: a habit structure for getting the daily work done and a reflective structure for stimulating new perspective and personal enrichment. Performers could move back and forth between the two structures as their energies dissipate and are refueled. It came across my mind and I ventured a project of manufacturing gym equipment with a mindset that it would help me, in helping others by empowering them into equal opportunity for better results.”

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