Why you should do investment in a FOOD TRUCK?

Well there are multiple reasons to make an investment in food truck business, but here are some key points to ponder.

Introducing IOCO

Investors Owned Company Operated (IOCO) is the new way by which team Biomech is helping numerous clients making money while they sleep.
With an experience of 15+ years in the field of manufacturing and fitness industry team Biomech has always tried to help clients in the best possible ways or ideas.
This time with IOCO team Biomech would be helping clients in the operations of gym by handling the management and introducing the most innovative and creative solutions of currency multiplications.
Post Covid Team Biomech has realised that the demand of maintaining health & fitness has immensely increased. People looking forward to maintain great immunity to fight different types of viruses to remain healthy, where doing physical workouts play an important role in maintenance.
As the demand for good health has increased so do the demand of new gym setups too. This is where expertise are required in running the gym services efficiently and productively. To fill this gap of required productive efficiency IOCO is been introduced. If you too are looking for productive efficiency for your gym brand you can write to us at enquiry@biomech.in.

Investor Owned Company Operated

Invest in a Food Truck and Get 25% ASSURED RETURNS per month!

Considering all these costs (vehicle buying + customization + licenses), you can expect an upfront investment of about 8-10 Lakhs in making a food truck. But don’t be scared of that number. Food trucks are famous because of the high revenue they can bring its owner. On an average day, a food truck can earn anywhere between 7,000-10,000 INR. per day.

Our team of experts would help you in setting up your food truck business and would assure the returns by reading the area and market of placement and designing the food menu accordingly.

The best part with a food truck is its mobility. The mobility helps in hitting the market and doing the business in shifts too, resulting in generating more funds from the market and monetizing the project in getting the break-even point faster.

In short, investing in a Food Truck is a secured project with high returns.

To know more shoot your queries at pune@wheelsofmeals.in.